In the 1870s folklore states that
Father Daniel Ignatius McDermott
damned the town with a curse that,
"A day would come when only St.
Ignatius church would be left
standing in Centralia."

In 2014, in Centralia, PA only one
family remains. This photograph of
the valley reveals a church and a
municipal building. At one time
there was over 2,000 people that
lived there. Today nature has
reclaimed it.

This is where the mine fire started
in Centralia on Memorial Day
weekend in 1962, on the south side
of town in a dump behind Odd
Fellow's Cemetery.

This borehole pipe goes down 12
feet and was used to measure
below the ground temperatures and
the release of gases from the fire.
At one time more than 80 boreholes
were scattered throughout the
south side of Centralia.

[left] Photo 1 : Locust Ave. 1984

[right] Photo 2 : Locust Ave. 2000

A major highway that once went
through Centrailia had to be re-
routed due to the fire. Today it is
known by locals as graffiti highway.

The Municipal building in Centralia
holds a police and fire station.
Although one fire truck sits in the
building no one is employed. There
is an active phone line to the
building but no messages can be
left because there is no answering

Since all the street signs and
telephone poles have been
removed from the town, this is the
only sign that tells a visitor where
they are. It also gives the direction
of where the current day fire still

Carl Womer, the last mayor of
Centralia passed away in the
summer of 2014, but his house still
remains standing.

Another ex mayor, Lamar Mervine
lived in town until he passed away
in 2010. His house is still standing
and he is survived by his son who
handles the estate.

The Hynoski's are the only family
living in Centralia.

The latin meaning of the word

"Fiery One."