During the summer of 2013, while Lys Sparrow was enrolled in a workshop for Broadcast Journalism at The New York Film Academy, Ms. Sparrow conducted nearly two-dozen interviews for a ten-minute news clip about an underground mine fire that has been burning uncontrollably for 52 years. The history about the birth and demise of a central Pennsylvania coal-mining town was so fascinating it became obvious to Ms. Sparrow that a 90-minute documentary about the town of Centralia should be made. The project formerly known as, Zip Code: 00000, What Happened in Centralia? was officially changed to RED ASH: Burning Rights, when writer and director Gianfranco Serraino joined the project and the two filmmakers realized they were not only dealing with the obliteration of a town, but a global environmental crisis. Co-written and co-directed by Sparrow and Serraino, the documentary feels like Harlan County U.S.A. meets Gasland.

Filmmakers Gianfranco Serraino and Lys Sparrow in Centralia summer 2014