On October 22, 2014, Lys Sparrow gave a presentation at the Schuylkill County Historical Society in Pottsville, PA. Although the documentary RED ASH: Burning Rights is not completed, Ms. Sparrow engaged the audience by showing clips from experts that have been interviewed while taking the viewers on a journey of the evolution of the story and concluded with experts participating in a question and answer session. The success and interest from that one presentation was so overwhelming it has fueled a movement to bring presentations to communities in danger from toxic pollution. Filmmakers, Ms. Sparrow and Mr. Serraino are collaborating with non-governmental organizations that have been working for years and decades to bring attention and justice to the issue of contaminated environments and health safety rights. To date, some of those organizations include:

The Sierra Club
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Environmental Integrity
Earth Justice
Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition of Reclamation for Abandoned Mines


NOVEMBER 20, 2014
Mount Carmel, PA
Invited by Council Member, Leroy Moser to present to other Council Members and the Mayor of Mount Carmel

NOVEMBER 17, 2014
Shamokin, PA
Hosted by the Shamokin & Mount Carmel Rotary Clubs

OCTOBER 22, 2014
Pottsville, PA
Hosted by the Schuylkill County Historical Society